Sunday, July 02, 2017

President Trump vs. CNN - Below the Dignity of the Oval Office

Lets Get Real:

This battle between the White House and the TV press is below the dignity of this blog never mind the Oval Office, one has to assume that there is a grown up in Washington D.C who could get the sides to back off, it does not help the Presidency or the press to be at this level of War, it is almost trench warfare, there are no winners, the only winners are the enemies of the US, and this could lead an enemy to miss read the warfare and do something stupid, think North Korea and you get the idea or even Iran.  The Trump Oval should LEARN how Presidents Kennedy and Reagan dealt with the press, the press covered for Kennedy's affairs as they liked and supported him, while Reagan tried to make friends with them, while the press should report the news not make it, CNN in its evening shows are out to get Trump, there is no hiding that FACT, that is not news!!  IF the press are going to play dirty then the Oval will fight fire with fire.   That is the modern way.

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