Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Coalition of Chaos - Campaign Trail 65 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus we see the REAL face of LABOUR, they will force the SNP to support them to keep the Conservatives and then give them their 2nd Independence vote, and if it goes the SNP way call another election.   The UK voter if it want peace and not endless elections will vote for the Conservative Party.   A Coalition of Labour and SNP would cause great damage to the UK, if you vote for any other Party than Conservative you are giving No 10 to Jeremy Corbyn.  GROW UP UK voter, the future is in your hands.  Do you want to pay more taxes, and you will under Labour, do you want the Labour Government to allow the trade unions the power they had in the 70s.  The UK would no longer have a nuclear defence, think before you vote, it could be the most important vote of your life. 

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