Thursday, June 01, 2017

Conservatives and Labour Neck and Neck in new Poll - Campaign Trail 62 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports on a new Times poll that has Labour 3% behind the Conservatives.

Lets Get Real:

Given the normal margin of error of 3% that could mean the Parties are tied.  The Conservatives could LOSE this election, it would be a disaster if they go from a 20 point lead in some polls to losing.   The PM has to go into trench warfare, she has to state she will fight for the British interest when it comes to the Brexit talks, that she is quite willing to walk away.   May should state that she would rather give the 100 billion the EU wants to the NHS and Education, force Corbyn to state at what level he is willing to pay the EU.   The next few days are going to be fraught for the Conservatives.   The UK VOTER has to wake up, you could have PM Corbyn on June 9th.   That would be a disaster for the United Kingdom. 

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