Monday, March 06, 2017

President Trump vs. The White House Staff - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

At least POTUS vented in the Oval Office and not outside on tape.  It is the job of the White House staff to allow the President to vent, the everyday politics of D.C cause most Presidents to lose their cool one way or another.   The golden rule of the White House that anyone can be sacked to protect POTUS.   Thus when you have White House scandals it's the staff are the first in the firing line, as was the case with President Nixon over Watergate, after they have gone the President is the next target, thus the resignation of Nixon in 1974.  In the case of Iran - Contra and President Reagan, the Chief of Staff was fired, the NSA was replaced, but Reagan himself was more of a political expert and got away without any charges, if hurt feelings.  The case of Bill Clinton was more complicated, he lied for months, and it was Monica Lewinsky would got the worse end of the deal.   This is the time for the Trump WH to stand together, as lone they are shark food for the Washington D.C.

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