Thursday, July 06, 2017

Trump vs. North Korea - North Korean Crisis Update 1

Lets Get Real:

The US has two choices, either to accept a nuclear armed North Korea that can use its missiles to hit the USA or it can take action.   The question what could the US do, well for starters it could push for South Korea and Japan to go nuclear, this would wake up China, they see Japan as an ancient enemy, they would consider a nuclear armed Japan a threat, thus the US would leave it up to China, does it want a nuclear armed North Korea or Japan, it would have to choose.   Any kind of weakness from the West, well the US will be seen as WEAK, so the US has to stand tough and make a hard decision.   The choice of military action would be tough, thousands could be killed in South Korea and in ASIA, THE use of force should be the last resort, the US could start with shooting  down North Korean missiles, dare them to take any action, that would be a extreme step, is the Oval tough enough to make that kind of call.  

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