Thursday, July 06, 2017

US VS. North Korea - North Korean Update 2

Lets Get Real:

As stated the US has two real choices, accept that North Korea as a armed nuclear power or to take military action, the use of force is the last choice, as thousands would be killed in Asia, on the other hand SOMETHING must be done.   Talks are a no go, it would make the West look weak, so what next, the US should consider sending a CLEAR message to North Korea, it might sent former President Clinton with simple message, that the US will shoot down any more missile tests by North Korea, that the US is willing and ready to take military force.   That if North Korea does another missile test or a nuclear test the US will see it as a green light to take action tough military action.   One also hopes that Trump would have a private word with CHINA, either get North Korea to obey or the US will give the bomb to South Korea, Japan AND Taiwan. 

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