Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Trump Russian Scandal - Part 2 - Post Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Even reality shows end, thus President Trump should consider the interests of the Country, if he were to retire due to health grounds, it can be postulated that the US Congress will end its investigations of the Trumps and the Russians.   IF need be President Pence could grant a pardon to the Trump family.   Otherwise we will have years of investigations, very much like Watergate, does the Trump want that kind of spotlight, it should be noted that Nixon gained some credit after his resignation, it took a few years but at the end he was seen as  elder Statesman, Nixon new foreign policy, whatever his faults.   The Donald could go back to building Hotels other such buildings, he is rich enough to be well off, and the US voter likes someone who comes back after a fall. 

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