Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The EU can get Stuffed - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

The UK should not pay a farthing to the EU, the EU has cost the UK billions over the years.    The Remainers are bending the knee to the EU, they treat the EU has a sovereign body, in fact its a club for rich civil servants to get fat pensions from the citizens of the EU.   Even if the EU demands a small exit fee the UK should say NO, NO again, we did not save Europe in World War 2 to give them billions of the back of the UK taxpayer.    The UK Government has to be firm, NO to Europe.   The EU should ask the Irish or the Greeks to bail them out, the IRISH have had billions from the EU and want a open border with the UK and the Greeks just pay for the mistakes of their Governments, not that smart.   Again NO, the UK must be firm and resolute. 

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