Friday, July 14, 2017

What Part did the FSB Play in the Trump Junior's Russian Meeting? - Trump's Russian Scandal

Lets Get Real:

The US House of Cards and the 1970s Washington Behind Closed Doors has nothing on the present Trump Russian scandal.   The meeting between Trump Junior and a Russian lawyer was bad enough, but now we drag someone in who has worked for Russian intelligence, the writers of political drama in the US must be fed, they think they have gone far and in reality its worse.   The President can not sack his son, but his security clearance must come under review.   The Democrats are playing it for all its worth, they have to be careful as this blog stated yesterday that they do no over play their hand, the US voter know the US media is uber liberal and is out to get Trump, thus they are iffy of any news broke by the main stream media.   This scandal will last for months if not years, this blog has suggested that Trump retire on medical grounds, and then VP Pence can take over, that would resolve the present crisis.

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