Wednesday, February 15, 2017

POTUS vs. The US Intelligence Community - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As stated in previous post, will someone please take away the cell phone of President Trump.   The one smart thing you do in D.C is not to take on the FBI or the NSA, even President Obama never went after the NSA, they are everywhere and know all, they bugg everyone and record all, thus if you are smart you leave them alone, otherwise they can make your Administration hell on earth.   The President needs to show he is tough when it comes to Russian, he needs to send in troops to West Ukraine to defend the West of that invaded country.   Also troops should be sent to the Baltic States.   It was reported last night on Fox News that the Russians have developed a new Cruise missile, this is against the INF treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev  in 1987, the Oval Office should come down hard against Russia.   Trump looks weak, thus he needs to project power abroad. 

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