Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump and Guantánamo - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is a simple case, if the suspect is  Al Qaeda then he should be moved to Gitmo and held as long as needed, the War on Terror is still going on, there is Al Qaeda and Daesh out there, the US needs to get intelligence on them, the best way is to capture them if they can not be droned, then they can be checked out over time, to see if they have any information of value, then held for trial by the US military.   The uber liberal NYT will never understand the threat from the Middle East, it needs a hard heart and a back bone made of steel.   The liberals with Obama failed to crush Daesh, they were more successful with drone strikes, one wonders if the liberals would have been so supportive if a Republican President used drones as much as President Obama did in his time in office.  

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