Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Scandal of the Scandal - Flynn Resignation - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As noted in my previous post the next question to be asked by the main stream media is what did President Trump know and when was he informed of the substance of the talks between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.   It can be argued that CNN has become the liberal opposition, if to go by their prime time coverage, this blogger is still waiting for a positive story from CNN about Trump, it is not holding its breath.   It might be time for the Trump Administration to get tougher on Iran and North Korea, if nothing else it's the right policy and and would divert attention.   In case some liberal writers are starting to say that this blog is calling for a War in the Middle East or Asia is to miss the point, both Iran and North Korea need to be taught a lesson, they have pushed the US to far over the years, it could be argued that the US should take out the missile compounds in Iran and warn North Korea than any new missile test will to some kind of military action.   As for Russia, let the US get tougher, arm the Soldiers of East Ukraine.   That will really upset the elite press.

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