Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NYT vs. POTUS - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The uber liberal NYT must think its Christmas, here is the Trump Administration caught up in scandal, and the Russians are part of the parcel.   The NYT would get its knickers in a right twist if Trump over reacted now, he could hit the Iran missile technology structures, he could place a hundred thousand troops in West Ukraine to defend that Country from Russia.  In the Baltic States he could placed battle field nuclear weapons, just in case the Russians tried anything.   This must be the first time the NTY has ever been anti Russian, it carried water for Stalin, and is always undercutting US national security.   If Trump knew more about the job he could really make the NYT joke on its liberalism.    The NYT should recall that Trump could still do the above, what would the NYT then, it would accuse the Oval Office of over reacting, the NYT has no backbone or honesty. 

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