Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump/Obama and Russia - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The is an interesting diversion attack by President Trump, of course the problem is that the extreme liberal press will not attack Obama, they will attack Trump for bringing the former President into the issue. The Obama Administration was weak on Russia, there was the HRC restart with Russia during the first term, that did not work out, it allowed Russia a free hand in Syria, thus the bloody mess, then the Crimea, the Russians are like a bear, big and frighting and with claws, but they can be contained and corrected if you have the right President.   Thus this is why President Reagan was a great President, he called the USSR out for what it was, an Evil Empire, that played dirty in international politics, this really annoyed the uber liberal and left in the US, thus the large demos against US nuclear missiles in the UK.   A US President has to be tough on Russia, it has not know when to stop, or taught there will be costs if it crosses red lines.   Ah for the Reagan/Thatcher Era, that was when we had leaders.

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