Wednesday, April 19, 2017

UK General Election - Campaign Trail 1

Lets Get Real:

One of the Conservative messages through the GE2017 will be the fact if you vote for any other Party than the Conservatives you could end up with a Coalition Government of the Labour Party and the SNP, this argument worked in 2015, well why not 2017, the Labour Party is in a WORSE position now than it was in 2015, the Labour Leader Jeremy Corby is a no go area of UK voters, to left wing, tax and tax, weak on defence, he will get rid of the UK's nuclear missiles, he will take any deal offered by the EU.   IF Corbyn won, business would move, the UK economy would go down the toilet.   The Labour has a weak hand, most of Labour's MP's can not stand Corbyn, so how are they going to sell Labour when any vote for Labour places Corbyn in No 10.

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