Monday, May 01, 2017

The Left and former President Obama - Trump Era

Guardian: Reports on President Obama's speaking fees after the White House, " 

Barack Obama's $400,000 speaking fees reveal what few want to admit...The high-paid speeches were a sign that Obama’s post-presidency will, like his presidency was, be Democratic business as usual. And that means not radically altering the racial injustices of American economics. "

Lets Get Real:

The US/UK left want President Obama to be a Saint, they should recall that he was a Chicago Pol who go lucky in 2008, the banking Industry went off a cliff, and that was the wise view of VP Biden, at least he was honest about the election victory, it was nothing more or less.  A former President like anyone elses has to buy his bills, and Obama has been wiser that President Carter, after leaving office in 1980 Carter stated that he would not serve on boards as former Presidents had done, thus Carter has written numerous books, some that have gotten him to trouble in Israel.   President Obama served his nation with honour and was a symbol for African - Americans as to what they could achieve.   After those years he should be allowed to earn what he wants, the left are looking for a Saint, no man is that, even President Obama never reached those heights. 

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