Monday, May 01, 2017

Hillary Clinton and that LOSING feeling - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It was the most shocking ending to a Presidential election since 2000, the candidate that was suppose to win for the 2nd time had lost the election to a businessman who was loathed by half of the Country, just not as loathed as Hillary Clinton was 2016.  The experts the bloggers ALL had HRC winning, the polls had her winning every time.   In the end the US voter decided to shock the press, political elite and elected President Trump.  Of course there was the rumour that HRC would try for Mayor of New York, that would have been 100% election win, but after you lose the Presidency twice, once to Obama now Trump it must be hard to think that Mayor of New York would be the solution, you would be held by New Yorkers to make sure their bins were emptied, it hardly having the nuclear suitcase by you at all time.   The question is what now for HRC, could she run again in 2020, it would be tall order, and there is saying in US politics that there are no third acts in a political career. This blog would not count HRC out, after all we have a Trump Presidency.

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