Sunday, April 16, 2017

Review of the Pilot - Doctor Who

Lets Get Real:

What a lovely starter, the intro of Bill was great, recalled the fond memories of Rose Tyler.  It was nice to see the Doctor in a mellow fashion, 50 years on Earth and no travelling, that is BIG for the Doctor.  Also did you notice that is was the Doctor takings pics of Bill's mother, was there a previous relationship?  It was nice to pics of River and Susan, its nice for us old viewers to bring back fond memories.   The threat in the episode was not really a THREAT per say, it showed that every one needs someone, even the bad ones.   It was nice to see Bill not listen to the Doctor and touch the threat ( This blog will not give away spoilers) Should Bill not recall what a Dalek is, they did steal the Earth, have the Time Lords been up to no good, they have form here!! It was nice to see that the Doctor has learned, he was about to wipe the memory of Bill but did not, one would like to think he recalled Donna and losing Clara and his memories.  A great start, another 12 weeks to go.   

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