Monday, March 13, 2017

The Elite Guardian FIGHTS Brexit - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Over the next two years the BBC, Guardian elite will be full of scare stories, they want a downbeat end to the talks, they would rather the UK take a bad deal to keep EU happy, than a good deal that works for the UK.    As for the Scots they could find themselves out of the EU and the UK if they are not careful.   NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN, even with a Scottish accent.   The Elite will be crying in to their cherry over the latest process stories, they never thought they would be HERE, the the UK leaving the EU.   The UK needs to make under the table trade deals with the rest of the World, the EU is NOT ALL POWERFUL, in fact its falling apart, it could be argued that Greece is next to jump out of the EU, the austerity of the EU is killing Greece, who thought that the Country that gave the West Democracy should become the poor servant  of the EU, under the German/French boot.

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