Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WHY HRC lost in 2016 - Clinton Era

Lets Get Real:

The Clinton Camp have to learn that the reason that HRC lost in 2016 was simple, she was a BAD CANDIDATE, the US voter would accept anyone else but her, she was seen as part of the bad political system that had done nothing for Main Street and allowed for the near Banking collapse of 2008,  and it was not the first time, in 2008 when Obama came along the HRC Camp could not win against him, as he promised a new start, it did not work out, but then it was seen as a chance.   The question next for the HRC camp is what next, the idea than she run for Mayor of New York is not out there, it would be a REAL job, she could try to help the poor and women in New York.   It depends how HRC wants to finish her political career.  IF there are those that suggest that she runs in 2020, they should be barred from the Clinton Court, few pols have third acts, Ronald Reagan was the exception, he ran in 1968, 1976, then finally successfully in 1980, with all great respect, HRC is no Reagan.

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