Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NSA McCmaster - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The appointment of Lt General H.R. McMaster will go down well with the State and Defence Department, also it should go down with critics of the Trump Administration, the article makes it clear that the General thinks outside the box and is not afraid to be critical of those higher up the Chain of Command.   It should be noted as the article states that McMaster wrote a Dereliction of Duty, a book that was openly critical of what he saw to be a failed military leadership during the Vietnam War.  "  This should hearten those who have been critical of Trump, the mess that is the Middle East will need outside the box thinking.   Also what do about North Korea and Iran will be a constant a problem for the Trump Administration over the next four years.   Thus a good move Trump, and today there is less published Tweets, could the Oval be learning!!!

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