Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trump and North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The question is WHAT DO ABOUT NORTH KOREA, endless talks have gone nowhere, the North Koreans agree talks, then break their word when they get the chance.   The question North Korea must ask will Trump take action, he has taken action in Syria, but that was not against a nuclear power Country.   THE Oval will not allow North Korea to get  a ICBM that can carry a small nuclear warhead, that would be a threat to US national security, but a War in Asia would bring in South Korea, their Capital is close enough to be bombed, Japan would be under threat, and the US would have to send hundred of thousands of troops in to the region, China could find itself with millions of refugees from the North.  This blog would suggest a back channel, what about sending former President Clinton to the region, he helped with a release of a US Citizen from North Korea a few years ago, and Bill Clinton likes to be in the diplomatic action, the US must try all options short of War, if that becomes needed then they can take action knowing that they have tried all paths. 

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