Sunday, April 30, 2017

POTUS and the Media - The 100 Day Mark

Lets Get Real:

The relationship between POTUS and the press is at a all time low, they loath each other, there is no respect between the Oval Office and the press.   The press was in the tank for Hillary Clinton 2016, they are still in state of shock that someone like Trump could be the successor to their President, former President Obama.   The press are the liberal elite of US Society, they have one agenda, LIBERAL, thus Republican Presidents never get fair treatment.  The press will never give praise to Trump, or if they have too it is through closed teeth.   On the other hand, Trump does not understand that the press is the fourth Estate, they are there to keep D.C honest, well as honest as it can be, thus they are extra tough on Republicans.   Thus the WAR carries on, 

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