Sunday, March 05, 2017

The New Watergate ? and President Obama - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As to the present alleged scandal the Court is still out on that, lets us take it as a given that the NSA bugs everyone ALL the time ( if your reading this, hi chaps ).  The kind readers of this blog recall the Watergate and its background, but let refresh those memories.   In 1968 the Nixon Campaign influenced the Government of South Vietnam not to attend the Paris Peace talks, this was caught by US intelligence, this information was given to President Johnson and he was peeved, and that is a understatement, but he decided not to move as this would produce a political crisis for the new Nixon Administration, also it gave a LBJ a hold over Nixon.   It must also be stated that the LBJ ordered the FBI to bug both Nixon and the Democratic Nominee, he wanted to know if they were going to break with him when it came to Vietnam.   Thus we come to 1972, the Nixon Campaign wanted to know what dirty information the Dems had on Nixon, thus the break in at the Watergate, the 2nd attempt lead to the arrest of those breakers in, from there you have to tail that leads to the end of Richard Nixon.

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