Wednesday, February 01, 2017

What the US Voter thinks about Trump's travel ban - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US VOTER is afraid of being attacked, it sees the World in  a mess, and the Obama failure in the Middle East is the main starting point, the worry is that Syrian Refugees will come over and turn out to be lone wolfs or part of Daesh.    The main message from President Trump's first speech as President was that it has to be America First, these means that the US voter comes first not the feelings of the rest of the World.  The Democrats are just pandering to their base, they are still angry that they lost the Presidential Election in November, thus it has gone more left wing, in that they are helping Trump for 2020.   The Trump Administration has to be tough on terrorists, it can not allow a major terror attack to happen on its watch, if that does happen it helps the terrorists in the long term and the Democrats would say that Trump is less effective than Obama, that would harm his hopes for 2020.

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