Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Trump vs. Iran - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:
It can be argued that IRAN and NORTH KOREA will be the biggest Foreign policy problems for the Trump Oval, if Russian and US tensions can be removed then it allows President Trump to take firm action against the above rogue nations.   If Russians tensions get worse then the Oval will face a multi crisis term, the Russians are playing up in East Ukraine, one wonders if they will chance their arm in the Baltic States, as it should be noted that the Baltic States are in NATO, this would force the hand of the Trump Oval. One would expect that President Trump will take firm action against Iran if it is found that they are breaking the US/Iran deal devised by President Obama.   The Tehran Regime already has missile technology, all it needs is the bomb, if it gets the information from North Korea or even a built bomb that would make Iran a nuclear power, Israel could never allow that, thus CRISIS.   The days ahead will be very interesting.  Any action against North Korea is prevented due to the fac they have the bomb, also a million man army, no one wants another Korean War.

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