Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump and the US Congress - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It has been an extraordinary month, there have been executive orders that have removed regulations in the area of climate change, such as Obama's regulations on coal, that was killing the industry.   The President has frozen federal employment levels, the aim of the new Administration is to get Government to do more with less.  The immigration service has been given more freedom to deport people, while protecting those that were bought to the US at a young age.    The US military will have increase spending, the Obama years saw a decline in US defence spending, the US has been tougher on Iran, in Congress the Administration is developing a policy to replace ObamaCare and make the tax system more fairer for the US voter.  Also the Oval Office is developing a new travel ban that will pass the Courts reviews. Also lets not forget that the Trump Administration has placed on a ban on the US supporting abortion abroad or helping with service.  That is not a bad record for a Month in Office. 

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