Wednesday, January 04, 2017

US Troops in Mosul - War on Terror

Lets Get Real:

Thus the Obama Administration is leaving the dirty fighting for the Trump Administration to deal with, will President Trump keep the US presence in Iraq, cut it back or increase it to finish off Daesh once and fall all.   The Battle for Mosul will be dirty and hard, it will be house by house, it will take weeks, even months, and of course Daesh will hit the West back to make up for its losses in the Middle East.   The Obama Administration when it comes to foreign policy has been a failure, there are still troops in Afghanistan, the US has had to return to Iraq and place special forces in Syria.   The State of Libya has become a failed State, the terrorist using the refugee crisis as way to place its men in the West.  The East Ukraine War is still going on, and Russia is a constant threat.  Thank You President Obama!!!

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