Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Obama, Trump and Guantánamo Bay - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The issue of Guantanamo Bay has become a matter of faith for Democrats, well for President Obama, he seems to think that if you close Gitmo then the terrorists will not strike you, that is of course rubbish, as recent examples have shown.    The new Trump Administration should start to refill Gitmo with terrorists, then the Armed Services to try them and send them to prison for a VERY long time.   That kind of view is an outrage in the view of the LIBERAL NYT.   They see 9/11 and afterwards as a legal matter, that terrorists should have rights, given due process, that is the kind of mindset that allowed for 9/11.   The new Administration has to be tough, waterboarding and other methods have to be used, the War on Terror is on going, and will last for decades.

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