Sunday, January 08, 2017

Trump and the Press - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The press view of President Trump makes the press and Richard Nixon look like a love in between the two.   The elite media press hate Trump, but he has one major plus, he brings in ratings, and is not PC.  This of course send the elite media up the wall, the new President will use Twitter to have a go at the the press and any one else that he thinks has been critical.   The press loved President Obama and was his major supporter, while the Ronald Reagan team managed the press, and look to be few days ahead of them, of course in the age of Twitter, Internet, and bloggers there is only so much control any White House can have of the press.   Obama and Reagan could go over the heads of the press, that is why they were popular, Reagan recalled the names of the reports, and least tried to act as if he liked them, he did leave with a 63% approval rating and his VP was his successor, the only President in the modern era to see his VP become President, the rest either had VP who did not run, Cheney, Biden, or saw their VP go down to defeat as was the case with Al Gore.   If not the VP the nominee of the Party who had the White House for two terms has lost, as is the case with Hillary Clinton.  A President Trump with Twitter and the nuclear football, will give you nightmares. 

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