Monday, January 30, 2017

POTUS vs. Democrats and his new immigration rules - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus POTUS is showing that he is appealing to his BASE, these are the fly over States or the Rust Belt States, the ones that he win in November.   The Democrats appeal to the East and West Coast, that is why the LOST last year.   The Democrats were VERY quiet when President Obama signed his orders that closed down mining in the Rust belt States, he did not care that he was closing down an industry and people would suffer, he was doing what the base; extreme left green of his Party; wanted, well there is a different POTUS in the White House now, this shows why it is important to win elections.   The anger from the extreme left wing liberals, Guardian/New York Time readers is getting boring and fast, who cares what a bunch of flaky actors, their main concern is having a decent agent.   Thus to the arts crew get back to doing what you're good at, drama, comedy, singing, etc, leave the politics to the grown ups who see the real world after 9/11.  Also it is not racist to have a different view from the group, a group think is vastly over rated.

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