Monday, January 30, 2017

CNN vs. POTUS - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One can see why CNN has been called the Clinton News Network, it was anti Trump through the general election and now it is anti Trump Administration.   As to be clear this blog opposes the US travel ban, its racist etc.   But one needs to look a the base of the Republican Party, they are supporting the move, and if you asked most Americans off camera they might say they feel safer.  The Obama World was what he wanted to see, he could never say Islamic Terrorists as if the mere saying of the world was not fair.  The US voter has felt afraid for a long time, the World from their eyes looks unsafe and there is the constant threat of terrorism from the Middle East.   The Democrats need to fight the Travel ban, but with a brain cell, they can not reject everything Trump states, otherwise the voter will not listen, you have to live in the real world, the art of the deal is making a deal, even if you do not like it at the moment. 

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