Friday, December 23, 2016

Trump vs. Obama = Israel - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This move by President Obama when it comes to Israel shows how petty he is and why is foreign policy has been a disaster for the US, you have the removal of troops from Iraq which allowed the growth of Daesh.   The Obama Oval saw Daesh as minor league, in till they become a threat to Baghdad.  In Syria the secular rebellion become a religious fight, that allowed Daesh and Al Qaeda to grow in the War zone that was Syria.   In Libya the US air force and its allies got rid of Gaddafi but did not place ground troops to secure the peace, thus Libya is a failed State.   Thus we come to the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq, in Afghanistan Obama would tell the enemy when the US would get out, thus the would wait, and the cost the US is still in Afghanistan.  In Iraq after removing US troops the Obama Oval had to send air and ground support.   The Obama Presidency has been a lesson for future Presidents on how not to be a US President.

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