Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama would have won a THIRD TERM - Obama

Lets Get Real:

Since the modern Era ( 1980 onwards ) all Presidents who have served two terms have thought they could have won a third term.   The Bush 41 success to become President after Ronald Reagan shows that Reagan would have won a easy victory, while Gore lost to Bush 43 it can be argued THAT Bill Clinton would have in 2000.   In the case of Bush 43 it can be argued that Obama would have beaten him after the economic collapse of 2008.   In 2016 it would have been a harder fight for Obama, as the loss of HRC shows the base of the Democratic Party, the old white working class or the Reagan Democrats were looking for a new leader to brush the old inside away in D.C.    Thus a new Year and new President, it will not be boring.

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