Friday, February 12, 2016

World War 3 - Syrian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Russians know which buttons to press when it comes to the West, they are worried that Saudi Arabia will send troops to Syria, this would mean you would have troops from Iran supported by Russian planes and troops in the same zones of conflict as Saudi troops, moderate Rebels; the Russians are not hitting Daesh, they are hitting the opposition to Assad, namely moderates; also you would have Daesh terrorists fighting their opposition and Assad,  and God knows who else, it would only take small accident for things to get very serious fast.    The problem is the West does not want to place troops in Syria, it does not want to lose its moderate allies, thus you are left with troops from SA and the Gulf States.   There can only be peace in Syria with the removal of Assad and Western troops in place to guard internal security, but the problem is that there will not be long term peace in Syria with Western troops. its a bloody mess, and it will not end soon.   THUS the failure of the Obama Foreign policy. 

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