Monday, February 01, 2016

The Clinton Email Scandal, Latest - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

It seems the shout from the White House that HRC was in the clear has not gotten through to the FBI, or the Obama DOJ.  The Oval Office needs to make it clear but a secret way that the DOJ and the FBI should drop this case, that it has been decided by Democrats that NO law was broken and for the FBI to move on.  Of course in his last year as President does President Obama want to get his hands dirty to help the Clintons, that is a different question, the Press section of the White House has made it clear that it has discussed the case with the FBI, one would have expected that the DOJ would have dropped the issue, in less it wants a official sanction to drop the case, thank God Reagan had Bush 41 to clear up Iran - Contra in the end, that what former Vice - Presidents are for, if they want to be President.  Does Obama want to clear HRC as to allow her to be his successor. 

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