Thursday, January 21, 2016

The X - Files is Back, - UK Feb launch

Lets Get Real:
It's back, one of the best TV shows ever made, the X - Files, of course then we were innocent,  one can almost say we did not quite believe that the Government bugged us,  that the Government might not be 100% looking after us, now of course we know different, whatever the NSA says this blog understands it being bugged, everyone is being bugged, followed on CCTV, nothing you do on line is private, you just have to accept that GCHQ and the NSA have their  eye on you,  in this age of terror it is good that the Government can track and profile everyone it wants, that is why we need Mulder and Scully to fight the good fight, also to check those aliens from outer space, the X - Files is back, bloody fantastic. 

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