Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sanders Attacks on Clinton - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:
Thus simple question is can Senator Sanders overtake Hillary Clinton and be the Democratic nominee in 2016, what ever the press say the answer is NO, the press need to justify their costs, thus they are writing up the match between Sanders and Clinton.  Let's look at the facts, the Clintons are not going to allow themselves to lose this time, they have the ground work and the money, and Hillary has Bill, one of the best retail politicians ever.   Thus expect more hype about Sanders, the Democratic Party and voters know that a real left winger like Sanders would sink the Party in the fly over States.   Thus enjoy this side show if you have nothing else to do, HRC will be the nominee, the interesting question is who will be her Secretary of State, a thankless job as Bill will be her main advisor on foreign policy.   The main stream press needs clicks on their political stories, thus they will up the rhetoric on the Clinton fight, while the real story is on the Republican side. 

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