Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Asia and Alaska under THREAT from North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This latest development by North Korea places Japan under threat, a close US ally Tokyo will one day decide it needs its own nuclear defence, they have the money to get there faster if they want too.   The US can not start talks with North Korea while it develops the bomb, this would send the message out to any other tyrant, that if you have the bomb the US and the West will be forced into talks.   The US military needs to plan for a quick strike should it become aware that North Korea can place a nuclear warhead on its ICBM, that might be faster than people think. tick tock as stated earlier.    Also it should be recalled there are the 2018 Mid Term elections in the US and Trump will not want to look weak, then we have the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump will not want to be seen to appease North Korea, he could be challenged from the right, election and politics never ends in the US. 

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