Tuesday, May 09, 2017

More US Troops for Afghanistan ? - Afghanistan Theatre - Trum Era

Lets Get Real:

The Afghanistan War has been going on since 2001 after the attacks of 9/11.   The War become a sideshow after the invasion of Iraq and now with the regrowth of the Taliban, the threat from Daesh the Oval has to decide what to do, Bush 43 kept the War at a low level, Obama increased troops but told the other side when they would leave, so the Taliban waited him out, then we come to the Trump Oval, POTUS does not like to lose, but there is a political cost of sending more troops to Afghanistan, it should be recalled the US is now fighting in Iraq again after sending back troops to take on Daesh in Mosul, that fight is on going.  Also the Trump Administration has increased the fight against Daesh around the Middle East.   It would be a strategic mistake to leave Afghanistan, then the Taliban would really win, but more troops, it's a hard decision, well Trump wanted to be President, thus come the hard choices. 

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