Thursday, April 20, 2017

The North Korean Threat - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

Thus far the North Korean Crisis has been a WAR of WORDS, the North Koreans threaten and the US moves its military up, the sending of an aircraft carrier and subs is a good message.  One has to ask what is the point, as far as we know the US has not promised to give food or money to North Korea, in less they have allowed China to be the Middle Man and to keep it under cover, so what does North Korea get out of these threats, it must know that any real attack on the allies of the US and North Korea is toast, the Regime would be removed, North Korea would be united with the South and China could face refugees in the millions.   Thus why the threats, the US has been clear, there is a new Sheriff in town, and he is no President Obama.   Thus one can take the risk and postulate that his crisis is over for the moment.   The area would become tense should North Korea test another nuclear device or come close to a miniature nuclear warhead, then the Trump OVAL would be forced to ACT. 

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