Tuesday, April 25, 2017

POTUS and the the US Senate - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

IF the Trump Oval want to be tough on North Korea, it is a good idea to get the Senate over, they will leak as soon as the meeting ends.   The Oval should stress that the US can not allow another nuclear test, or a ICBM test that works.  A nuclear powered North Korea with a ICBM that holds a nuclear device would be a threat to Asia and the US.   China of late has been very helpful, they do not want a nuclear war going on in their backyard, radiation does not care about land borders, thus China must be the BAD COP, threaten the Regime, turn of its lights if it will not listen.   China can not allow the impression to grow that it is weak in the face of North Korea's game playing, that would be an internal threat.  Of course once the US and South Korean War games finish the tensions in the region could return to normal, of course that depends if North Korea understands the hard messages from China and the US. 

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