Wednesday, April 26, 2017

North Korean Update - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The hope by the Trump Administration is that North Korea gets a clear message, this far and no further when it comes to its testing of nuclear devices and its ICBM's.   The problem is that North Korea might have stopped listening even to its biggest ally in the region, China.   It is interesting to postulate what North Korea wants, does it want direct talks with the US, does it want food for its people, thus far in public North Korea has been quiet on that issue.   Of course the taking of American hostages could be a crude attempt to get the US to talk to it directly, to show that a nuclear powered North Korea can make even the might US listen.   Thus it would be interesting to send Former President, Bill Clinton to Asia, that might happen to contain a visit to North Korea, this could lead to back channel talks. 

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