Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The THREAT of North Korea - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The one Country that gives this blog is nightmares is North Korea, one can almost imagine waking up to hear that North Korea has either invaded South Korea or has thrown a few missiles over, in fact to be honest one is surprised that it has not already happened.  The new Trump Administration has to be tough with North Korea, it is a threat to his neighbour South Korea and to Japan.   The US is sending a missile defence to South Korea, that is a good move, the Government in Tokyo must feel it has the total support of the US, if a North Korean missile hits Japan, the tea bags will hit the fan.   The North Korean Government is EVIL, one just hopes it has a brain cell, at some point one hopes there will be a coup in North Korea, how much suffering can a people take under a evil midget.  The problem is that North Korea has the bomb and missile technology, that makes a threat to Asia and the West, let's hope the Regime falls before it becomes a bigger and real threat.

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