Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The North Korean Crisis - Asia Developing

Lets Get Real:

The Governments of the US and South Korea have to show a strong united alliance, they must make it clear to North Korea that any military action by them will be countered by a massive US action, they should make clear that this is not a bluff, that the threats from North Korea will not move the close alliance between the US and South Korea.   The question is WILL North Korea take any action, this blog doubts it, they must know that if they took military action of any kind it would be the end of them, they are much more interested in getting news headlines in the Asia and the West, they make demands for meetings, but have no real desire to talk, even China is getting peeved with them, the missiles tests and the illegal nuclear test causes worry in South Korea and Japan, this of course alarms the US, the new Trump Administration has to be forceful without being aggressive, North Korea is ALL BLUFF with no cattle, they are margin players in the real World.

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