Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The New York Times and POTUS - Joint Session of Congress

Lets Get Real:

It must be HARD for the liberal elite NYT to say something nice about President Trump, the speech had that Reagan quality, a happy warrior, the President did not surrender his core values, but the tone was different, he spoke of the need for the US Congress to deal with big issues and not get bogged down in small fry, that Democrats eyebrows must have gone up, it can be argued that the Trump has been battling small fry for most of his first month in D.C.  The Oval Office should use the success of the speech to think big, there is ObamaCare, the Oval should be able to make a deal between the Republicans and Democrats about how to change ObamaCare for the better, the system is in the process of self destruction, how can there be choice for the voter if they have only one insurance company in the State.   The President is the symbol of the art of the deal, well it's time for him to get his LBJ, Reagan, Clinton hat on and make a deal.    Then on tax, the Middle Class need a TAX CUT, the lobby companies will try to thwart any deal, this is the time for the Oval to make a deal.   The 1% elite should pay more tax, while Middle America gets the benefit.   The President wants to a trillion dollar program to invest in the US, the Democrats should support this, it depends if they can get away from their base.    On international affairs the President supported NATO, but wants the members to pay more, he is asking that they pay 2% of the GNP on Defence, he stated the pressure was working.   In this speech tonight Trump become close to Reagan, the question is can he keep up that happy warrior rhetoric. 

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