Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump and Dealing with Terrorists - War on Terror

Lets Get Real:

When it comes to terrorists this blog is a hawk, torture does work, the terrorists gave up their rights when they become terrorists, every case is different, the threat of torture can be enough, but if that does not work then more heavy methods should have to be used.  This blog changed its mind after the events of 9/11, innocent people should not be allowed to die because an individual does not think it is moral to use heavy methods.   The waterboarding for terrorists should be used, black sites outside the US should be used to hold terrorists, for however long it takes, after they given up the information they have the terrorists should be jailed and the key thrown away.   THE above will look harsh, and is harsh, Western security comes first, morals can wait for when there is NO WAR ON TERROR. 

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