Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Obama Legacy under THREAT - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The price of losing an election is seeing your Presidential legacy thrown in the bin, that is why Presidents entering their 2nd terms want their candidate to win the election.   Nearly all if not ALL of the executive action by President Obama will be thrown out, the Iran deal could be heading for the bin also.   The Democrats have not helped themselves in the Senate, they changed the rules as to allow 51 votes needed to pass a Cabinet nominee, the threshold for the Supreme Court is still 60, but that rule could be changed by the Republicans.   A Trump Presidency, it is still hard to write that, if I had written in 2015 that Trump would be the next POTUS I would have been laughed out of blog writing.  On the other hand in 2016 I did do a bet in the bookies that Trump would win, my political gut was telling me something that my brain could not accept.  Thus we have 19 days to go in till President Trump is in the Oval Office.

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