Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Donald Trump DOWN in CNN Poll - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One does feel a bit sorry for President - Elect Trump, he has not gotten it office and his honeymoon has not even happened, its straight in to Partisan fight from the start, with the Russian dossier, the arguments with Democrats, it never ends.   The President - Elect must be looking forward to Friday as a day of rest in many respects, he will be President, he can move to the press to the Old Executive Building, just far enough away from the Oval Office to get some rest.  The speech on January 20th will be interesting, one is curious, will it make real news or just the usual speech for that kind of day.   The President could be tough on Iran and come out in firm support of Israel, that would annoy then former President Obama. Or will it be the usual speech of bringing people together etc, the usual rubbish.   That would be a mistake, the US voter in the belt way elected Trump to be different, let us see what happens. 

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