Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Donald and the Republican Establishment - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Thus can Conservatives learn to love the Donald, or at least not dislike him, that is a hard question, this blog has made it clear that it would support HRC over the Donald, but that was before HRC went extreme left to counter Senator Sanders.  At least the Donald is DIRECT, painful direct and very honest, can D.C take such a President.  Although some of the polices suggested by Trump are racist, banning Muslims from coming to the US, one can see how the Establishment could tune such views down or suggested different paths to reach the same goal, that is the national security of the US.   This blog is not sold on the Donald yet, but the more HRC goes left the more this blog is left to return to the Trump.    Cruz would be a disaster as a President, Rubio would be good, but can he win any States, including his own.   Next week should be interesting, a lot of States go to vote, lets see how the Donald does. 

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